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July 11, 2017


Looking for a perfect place to step in and celebrate your special moments? There is no better place than 40/40 club. The clubs provide a large variety of options and packages for your every event need. The 40/40 Club offers wedding packages, birthday packages, graduation party packages, girls/guys night out packages, engagement packages and much more. All these packages offered by the 40/40 club are for the convenience of the people. 40/40 Club is a sports bar, and people have fun under one roof. Play games, and enjoy the best bottle service of 40/40 club. The bottle service of 40/40 is amazing. The flavorful quality wines and champagnes are being served at the club. Energy drinks and frozen cocktails are specially served to the young guys and girls. The reflective surfaces of the club and the caramel and gold painted walls along with gold champagne bottles make the club atmosphere relaxing. The seating is luxury box styled, and the stairs lead to upstairs private rooms. The professional DJ plays the DJ mixes and the album songs of the recent times.

The club 40 40 wants your experience here to be unforgettable.

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