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July 20, 2017

Nightlife in Dubai

Travelling to Dubai is an amazing experience from every point of view, its attractions, mesmerizing sights, infrastructural achievements, and centers of entertainment including the startling nightlife in Dubai. This vibrant nightlife in Dubai offers a range of exciting alternatives for those who are looking for an interesting nightlife. There are a wide array of bars, nightclubs and restaurants of different ethnics, hotels of all kind of cuisine, cafes, and Shisha places among many more interesting venues.

Dubai is located on the Persian Gulf Coast of the United Arab Emirates, and it has an arid desert climate. Due to the heat, daytime Dubai is a sunny city with laid-back happenings, but at night, the city acquires a new personality. During Summer months, the heat becomes unbearable, and tourists generally prefer the winter season as they are more comfortable shopping. There is always plenty to do during the evenings as the city is always prepared to welcome tourists to have fun during the night.

Despite of all the lively, thrilling nightlife, Dubai has managed to be an ideal tourist destination as it withholds restrictions that every tourist has to abide. Dubai has strict alcohol laws, and alcohol is not served in city restaurants. You will be able to enjoy drinks in hotel bars and the numerous nightclubs. The drinking age minimum is 21, and all clubs have to close by 3am. Fortunately, there are still other fun activities to enjoy besides drinking.

dubai-nightlifeFor people who love going to nightclubs, Dubai offers many options. In this city, everyone by law must be able to access any club, regardless of whether some of them are publicized as “members only”. For the reason that these clubs cannot be 100% exclusive, the entry fee can be costly, limiting the people that can gain access to them. You can never miss a world famous artist performance in the city because many well-known musicians usually come to perform in Dubai.

In Dubai, the weekends are on Thursday and Friday nights. Tuesday nights are dedicated to women with the famous ladies night as many venues offer free drinks to women and is the best day to have a nice time out with their girlfriends.

Dubai is a loved tourist destination that has numerous reasons for it to be amongst the top  places to visit. Dubai has an open and modern outlook, a shopping haven, different people from different ethnic backgrounds, many iconic developments, a booming economy, and many other attractions.

Dubai is well-known for its oil and petroleum, and what many people assume is that its economy is based on its rich reserves, but actually it’s dependent on manufacturing trade, tourism and finance sectors. Dubai’s annual revenue generated from oil and petroleum is less than 10% of the city’s total revenue.

Nightclubs in NYC

New York is famous for its nightlife, beaches, parties and various other events held throughout the year. This is a city that never sleeps, and there are a lot to do at any time of the day. The Big Apple shines with parties in NYC, clubs, lounges, restaurants, skyscrapers, and high buildings.  Everything is bigger. Sparkling lights and beautiful decorations creates magic in the heart of people. Every new year, millions of people from around the globe gather at Times Square to see the ball drop at midnight.

Among the greatest attractions regarding hip hop night clubs in NYC is its superb night clubs which can be located in any part of the city, which stays open until 4am in the morning. You will find all type of nightclubs with different kinds of NYC bottle service, crowds, and music. The number of mega nightclubs in this city is countless!

July 19, 2017

Marhaba Traveler!

You must be asking yourself what the word “marhaba” means, and perhaps even the language in which it belongs. “Marhaba” in the Arabic language would be simply translated as “welcome”, and you are welcomed to be informed comprehensibly and accurately regarding the Arab holidays according to the Muslim traditions.

The events celebrated by those who believe and follow the Muslim faith and tradition revolve around two major occasions known as Ramadan and Hajj, which, like all Muslim celebrations, are predicted according to the Islamic calendar. The calendar is lunar based and can cause date variations every year for each specific holiday.

Popular Arab Holidays

The first major celebration which marks the beginning of the year is “Muharram”, which is the New Year holiday according to Islamic tradition. This holy month of Muharram marks the beginning of the Islamic year ever since the year of Hegira, which is the year in which the holy prophet Muhammad moved from the holy capital of the Muslim world (Mecca), to the city of Medina. From a historical sense, the year of the Hegira would be year 622 A.D. This Arabic tradition is welcomed every year with rather quiet celebrations, mainly involving prayer, reflection upon one’s self, and generally focusing on the spiritual aspects of life.


Arab Holiday

The next holiday in the Islamic calendar would be the celebration of prophet Muhammad’s birthday, which in Arabic is called Mawlidal-Nabi. This day signifies the birthday of the holy prophet, father of the Islamic faith and tradition, and it is celebrated on the 12th day of the Rabi I month according to the Arabic lunar calendar. This day is celebrated by remembering the life of the prophet and the significance of all his actions and teachings. It is worth mentioning that this day is not celebrated quite by all Muslim faith believers, such as the Islamic Fundamentalists.

One of the most important Arabic holidays is the Ramadan, which is a month of abstinence and fasting. During the month of Ramadan, those who follow the faith accordingly will not eat or drink from dawn until dusk. This way, they learn to live as humble as the poor and focus on their spiritual nurturing, through prayers and reflection, without any distractions of the body. The month concludes with family and friends celebrations, which also involve charitable actions such as feeding the poor or donating to mosques.

The final celebration which concludes the main religious holidays in the Arabic world is the Hajj, otherwise known as the pilgrimage to Mecca. While the Hajj usually is a once in life occurrence for every Muslim, the holiday is concluded festively with the sacrificing of a lamb, which is to be shared with friends and family, thus symbolizing generosity, one of the main pillar of the Islamic faith.

July 17, 2017

Five Top Destinations to See on Holidays in Egypt


Holidays to Egypt allow you to explore one of the birthplaces of civilization, and drink in the beauty of some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. On your trip, you’ll also encounter friendly people anxious to bid you “Marhaba!” or “Welcome!” while you get a feel for local customs and culture.

Egypt has countless unique attractions to experience, but there are some that are especially popular with tourists, including:

  1. Valley of the Kings – The burial ground for many of Egypt’s Pharaohs, the Valley of the Kings, is one of the most common spots to visit while on Egyptian holidays. The site sits on the west bank of Luxor and is a ticketed attraction. The price of admission allows you to visit 3 different tombs, and you can purchase a second ticket to see the tomb of Tutankhamun.
  2. Naama Bay – You may not think of Egypt as a tropical beach paradise, but Naama Bay will change your mind. A visit to the city of Sharm El Sheikh lets you enjoy some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and splash in warm water at any time of the year. If you’re fond of water recreation, Naama Bay is the perfect place to go for scuba diving, kayaking, para-sailing or windsurfing. You may also book a glass bottom boat tour to see the ocean while lounging in comfort.
  3. The Hanging Church – Built on the site of the famous Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Hanging Church is a Coptic Christian place of worship that is truly a magnificent site to behold. The nave of the church is suspended over a passage to the former gardens. There are more than 110 holy relics housed in the church. Come during a service to get the full experience!
  4. St. Catherine’s Monastery – A UNESCO World Heritage Site, St. Catherine’s Monastery is located on the spot where it is believed that Moses saw the miracle of the burning bush, an important event in both the Christian and Jewish faiths. The monastery is located in South Sinai and was built in 565 A.D.. Not only can you take a step back in time as you tour the site, but you can also view a number of priceless manuscripts, icons, oil paintings and mosaics.
  5. Nile Cruise – One of the best ways to see Egypt is to travel the Nile River from Aswan to Luxor. The Nile is inextricably intertwined with the history of Egypt, and a number of key ancient sites are located near its banks. Cruises will dock in these areas, allowing you to tour at your leisure. You’ll also get to see a number of islands that are difficult to visit without taking this type of voyage. In between stops, you’ll be treated to true luxury aboard a well-appointed cruise ship. Most cruises last for 4 days.

Start planning your trip to Egypt today, and get ready to hear friendly voices saying “Marhaba!” and to explore both the past and present of one of the most beautiful and exotic destinations in the world.

July 11, 2017


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The club 40 40 wants your experience here to be unforgettable.

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Whether it’s a bachelor party, your birthday celebration or fun get together, Marquee NYC is the best place to step in. The Marquee Club is a colorful dance club featuring 30-foot ceilings, LED screens and a lot of night owls. Marquee NYC is a premiere nightclub with event space in abundance for you to dance and move to the beats of the music. If you want to represent like New York Style, buy tickets to Marquee NYC or simply just get in the club.

So, if you’re new to the city and want to go out with your friends and enjoy yourself, visit The Marquee club and have one of the best experiences of your life.

July 09, 2017



When stepping into any nightclub, you always want a club where you receive the best bottle services. Strong drinks that make you high are all that you wish for. Well, Hudson Terrace bottle service menu has all the drinks that keep you dancing to the beats always. Hudson Terrace bottle service menu includes vodka, rum, tequilas, whiskey, scotch, bubbles, wines, rosé, cognac, gin, and champagnes. Sparkles with all the bottles keep you interested in wanting more.

Hudson Terrace offers a wide range of premium liquor. Hudson Terrace also serves alcohol that keeps your energy high and boosts your stamina. Bottle service at Hudson Terrace features a curated collection of champagnes, like Perrier-Jouet and Moet to more wonderful and premium brands like Cristal and Dom Perignon. The Hudson Terrace bottle service menu consists of standard mixers like juices, sodas, and tonic. As you overlook the Hudson River, enjoy every sip of your drink. Hudson Terrace is your go- to place to drop in for a drink as you enjoy live music art and spectacular views of the Hudson River.

Whereas if you’re looking for some of the best nightlife found in New York City, step into Skyroom. With sweeping city views and retractable rooftop, Sky room NYC is one of the city’s most premier lounges. This place is always in full swing, no matter if it’s nice outside or it’s raining. Sky Room Rooftop meets high in the sky and is capable of bragging that it is New York City’s highest rooftop lounge. Enjoy this bi-level nightclub with indoor and outdoor seats. It is a place for all ages and ambiance with only good vibes and amazing views of the city. Sky Room feels like a room in the sky.

Want to drink? Want to watch the game? Want to dance? Avail all the best services at Skyroom NYC. Sip strong and watch the game in style. The rooftop is covered with state of the art sound system. Take nightlife to another level with the amazing packages offered at Skyroom NYC. With class and style, comes Skyroom. Expect to meet a lot of people as you get over here. Even if you’re alone or with your friends, the ambiance, the music, the grub, everything adds to a good time.

July 06, 2017


New York is a city full of night clubs, bars, and lounges. Different night clubs and lounges have different specifications. But the best lounges in NYC and the NYC nightclubs have everything to make your night out amazing. The best lounges offer perfect and clear sound system, world’s famous DJ’s, fully decorated lounges, best lights, best bottle services, delicious brunches, live performances, and dance parties in NYC and NYC night club.

The questions that you always think about are where to party? How to make your weekend special and amazing? Here is the answer to your all questions. Be a part of the NYC night clubs and make you relaxed after working for a week. Want to hang up with friends? Then have friends gathering at the best lounges NYC. With the best sitting area and satisfying atmosphere, you will love to spend your leisure time with your friends at the NYC night clubs.

The special qualities that make any club best are the packages offered by the clubs to the people. The leading quality bottle service, the best sound system and music and much more elements make NYC night clubs the best lounges in NYC. Velvet sofas along with comfortable couches and the fully decorated surrounding make the club a place a place of relaxation. The dim light lit up the atmosphere. As the DJ turns the volume and play the best of times music album people can’t resist moving their bodies and dancing on the beats. The world famous DJ plays the remixes from the past 90’s that give a burst of energy and excitement to the atmosphere. How can we forget about the best bottle services of the best lounges in NYC? These lounges offer the best bottle services. Best quality wines, creamy shakes, flavorful juices, refreshing lime juices, lemonade, champagne, tequila, soda mixed with vodka and cocktails are being served at the NYC night clubs. Choose your favorite drink and enjoy the night. The hot dance parties feature world’s famous, talented dancers. The dancers wear fancy sexy dresses and show off their dancing skills and make these fun nights crazier. The beats of the music let the people go crazy and dance. Partygoers love to dance on Rock, pop and hip-hop music.

The best lounges in NYC ad the NYC nightclubs are the best places to enjoy your weekend and have a friendly meet up. So join the NYC nightclubs and enjoy the nightlife of NYC.

July 06, 2017


While you dress up for a night out, you want to look perfect in all the pictures you capture. Or so, not only you, you want the background of your pictures to be amazing as well. So is there any place where all your desires met? Well, there is!

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Feel every night like as a perfect one as you enjoy the best nightlife in the New York City.

July 05, 2017

Meeting of ministers from Saudi Uae Bahrain and Egypt in Qatar issue | Manorama News

July 04, 2017

Let’s Play: Predynastic Egypt – Part 5 of 5

July 03, 2017

Let’s Play: Predynastic Egypt – Part 4 of 5